Ransomware? Ensure fast data recovery with 100% Data Guarantee

  • No long-term company downtime after a ransomware attack.
  • No loss of your data,
  • No ransom and high data recovery costs.
  • No major disruptions in your value chain.
  • No (online) backup tool  that can be hacked.

But a new, extremely effective and (cost) efficient solution that gives you access to all your recent data, IT and OT (Operations) within 24-36 hours after a hack.

Bluetron 100% Data Guarantee was developed with FUJIFILM and IBM to give you the best assurance for business continuity when all other cybersecurity measures have failed. Take action now!

100% SAFE

Bluetron 100% Data Guarantee continuously makes 3 copies of all your data and stores it in 3 locations, 2 of which with airgap (no online connection). In addition, all your data copies are continuously scanned with the latest virus definitions (patented). Your data is 100% safe with Bluetron!

100% FAST

Bluetron guarantees with a 100% Data Guarantee that you will have access to all your recent data, IT and OT (operational data) within 24-36 hours after a ransomware attack. With our data recovery plan  you can always have your systems operational again quickly after a ransomware hack.


Bluetron lets you start with a 100% Data Guarantee without investing in advance. We use a transparent price menu for desired services and data volume. In addition, you save up to 60% on energy costs by applying our modern tape technology, instead of continuously running hard drives.


100% Data Guarantee gives you full control over all your stored data. You have continuous access. We save these in open format so you can run the data again on any desired application. No vendor lock-in! We also give your data copies a retention time of >30 years. You are guaranteed not to lose anything.

The ideal complement to your existing network security

Nowadays, the question is no longer if you will be hacked, but when. Many organizations large and small that have already been victims of ransomware hacks have seen their operations shut down for weeks at a time, have had to pay large sums of money to get their data back and have had to incur a lot of costs to become operational again. No one can guarantee that hackers won’t be able to get into your system. We neither. What we do guarantee is that you will be back in business with all your data quickly after a hack.
Don’t wait too long and experience now what Bluetron’s 100% Data Guarantee can mean for you, your company and its stakeholders.

No chance for ransomware hackers with 100% Data Guarantee, their victims continue their business fast and without paying ransom!

How 100% Data Guarantee works

The steps we take for your peace of mind

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