Ensure ongoing operations
after a ransomware hack with 100% Data Guarantee

Bluetron’s ‘100% Data Guarantee’ ensures that all your recent company data is quickly available again after every cyber incident.
100% Guaranteed by Bluetron, in cooperation with Fujifilm and IBM.

Build your best line of defense against ransomware hackers now and bring peace of mind to you, your company and its stakeholders!

Stay in business after cyber attacks!

100% SAFE

Always have a recent and secure copy available of all your data, after any incident. Whether cyberattack, fire or flood hits you, your data is safe with us behind thick, digital and physical walls: 100% safe, 100% comfort!

100% FAST

Always be operational again quickly with all your data after an incident. The more because we continuously scan new and already stored data for viruses, using the latest definitions. This Bluetron solution is patented.


Instantly use software, hardware and facilities without investment upfront. Use a transparent price menu for services and data quantity. And save up to 60% on energy costs by using tapes instead of hard disks.


Always be in full control of all your data. Retrieve or delete data easily with our secured web based portal. Storage in open format means no vendor-lock in. Get your backups up and running quickly without hassle.

The ideal complement to your existing network security

100% Certainty to always have access to all your data, after any cyber incident

We store three copies of all your data on tape on three different locations. One of these locations is a bunker without any internet connections. Built-in airgaps prevent hackers from reaching and attacking your data. Also we scan all data before onboarding, during storage and before the return with a patented (pending) software solution. So all your data, including system data, is always 100% guaranteed which means 100% peace of mind for you, your company and all its stakeholders.

No chance for ransomware hackers with 100% Data Guarantee, their victims continue their business fast and without paying ransom!

How 100% Data Guarantee works

The steps we take for your peace of mind

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100% Data Guarantee is developed by 3 reliable companies

Our 100% Data Guarantee resources

Your guides to 100% data availability after a ransomware hack

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