Experience a smooth 100% Data Guarantee process

The 100% Data Guarantee process will get your business up and running again in no time after a ransomware hack. Or fires or floods… It takes just 4 steps, watch them below.

Bluetron’s 100% Data Guarantee is the perfect addition to the solutions you’re already using to prevent cybercrime. So take action now!

1. Onboarding & data transfer @ customer

Bluetron first gathers all data, moves it to an object archive and prepares the custmer for fast system recovery after a hack.

Bluetron visualizes your data landscape completely and determines with you the best strategy for your organisation to upload, store and recover all your recent data.
When you’ve set your goals we assess data quality and quantity. After that our data mover application gathers and transfers all data to the Object Archive .

The 100% Data Guarantee process ensures secure data transfer:
  1. Easy incremental via secure internet connection.
  2. Protected by SSH/SHA 256 bit encryption and special firewalls (best protection possible). 

2. Data storage and scan @ Bluetron

After gathering the data, this is stored and scanned with the latest virus definitions at an object archive at Bluetron (also on tape)

Bluetron stores all gathered data on its own modern server environment and performs continuous full data scans according to the latest virus definitions (=PATENT)

The 100% Data Guarantee process scans and stores all data

All data is:

  1. Transferred and stored to the Object Archive server storage.
  2. Continuously scanned with latest virus definitions:
    • in and outgoing,
    • new and already stored incrementals.
  3. Transferred and stored to tape (tape set 1) after completeness check.
  4. Deleted on server storage.
  5. Transferred to second location @ Bluetron/Fujifilm.

3. Storage & archive @ Bluetron/Fujifilm 

Bluetron's 100% Data Guarantee also stores data copies with an air gap in a bunker in order to protect your data from any disaster!

Bluetron/Fujifilm (Ger) receives and stores all data on 2 tape-sets.  After a data completeness scan the tapes are taken offline.

The 100% Data Guarantee process generates another 2 Tape sets

(out of 3, tape set 1 is @Bluetron NL):

  1. Tape set 2 is generated and stays in an isolated environment without any data connections (air gap 1).
  2. Tape set 3 is generated and transported for storage in a bunker without any data connections, (air gap 2), for disaster recovery.

4. Data recovery @ customer

Business continues fast after a ransomware hack with 100% Data Guarantee

Recovering your data is easy with our secured web portal. Before recovering your data, incremental backups are regularly scanned according to the latest virus definitions. We also scan your data during storage to avoid sleeping viruses to become active again (=PATENT)

The 100% Data Guarantee recovery process is easy: 
  1. Login to web portal.
  2. Search for your files.
  3. Order the file recall.
  4. The order is confirmed by email and yoú have now access to the Object Archive server @Bluetron.
  5. Access the server.
  6. Download the data.

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