Are you fully prepared for ransomware attacks?

Discover the smart way to stay operational with all your data anytime, anywhere and have 100% peace of mind.

Not a day goes by or you can read about a school, hospital, government agency or enterprise that is a victim of ransomware. Hackers increasingly succeed in attacking vital infrastructural works such as oil pipelines, sewer canals and traffic lights. Because they can hit anyone anytime you better be prepared. Fortunately there is a smart way to always get your data back without paying ransom. Be prepared for ransomware!

Cybercrime is an increasing danger. Criminals are no longer lone wolves but part of well organized gangs supported by state actors. No matter how mature your security, hackers are always one step ahead. Even systems for multifactor authentication are hacked.

Dark clouds loom for companies increasingly dependent on their data
Dark clouds are gathering over many data centers
Hacks have huge consequences also for partners, are they prepared for ransomware?

Consequences of an attack are financial loss and a damaged image. It can cause outage of production. Also you may face huge fines of auditors. In health care peoples lives may be in danger when hackers get access to vital equipment. Because many organisation are part of a larger supply chain it is possible you suffer when one of your partner has a breach. Shelves in a large supermarket chain in The Netherlands were empty when a company that delivers cheese was hit by ransomware.

When you can no longer access your data its possible that you forget about shipments, bills you have to pay or services others expect from you. That’s why it is important to think about a strategy to recall your data in no time. Off course you want to recover without paying ransom because otherwise you only would encourage criminals to continue their modus operandi. While doing so you have to consider that they more often threaten to publicize sensitive data.

No more misery of ransomware hacks with 100% Data Guarantee as all the recent is re-installed in no time, scanned with the latest virus definitions.
Smart data storage and archive keeps you 100% operational, whatever happens
Put your data behind thick online and physical walls

Many companies put their data in the Cloud, but a disadvantage of this is that the data is still online and can therefore be reached by hackers. In addition, it is not easy to recover your data quickly and completely via an online connection, not to mention the costs that can be alarmingly high. The use of modern tape storage technology offers a solution. By storing data on tape, you can store it offline with a so-called ‘airgap’, which means that hackers can no longer access the data because the data files are not online.

Modern tape technology helps

Modern tape technology is fast, cost efficient and has a lot of capacity. In addition, we save up to 60% on energy usage and costs because we do not have to keep hard disks running continuously. With smart data management, even data stored on tape can be retrieved almost immediately. And we can safely store the tapes in vaults, bunkers and the like. So whoever thought that tape storage has had its day, is wrong!

Bluetron helps you to determine the best strategy with threefold protection

Bluetron is an expert in backup policies that guarantee you that you can always recover all your data. Especially your most critical data stays literally out of reach of hackers. We achieve this by making three copies of your data on tape. These copies are stored on three locations, two of them have no internet connection. One of these locations is a bunker with thick physical walls!

This way of working also protects your data against natural disasters such as a fire or a flood. Tapes are stored with an air gap at 2 locations. We also scan all your data according to latest virus definitions. We do this when data comes in, during the time it is stored and before its recalled. This way chances that a undetected or sleeping virus becomes active after installing are minimal. Now you are prepared for ransomware attacks!

Our solution is supported by trustworthy companies: Fujifilm and IBM. It is price friendly and easy to use. All your data is 100% guaranteed. This means 100% piece of mind. Do you want to know more? Want to see how you can optimally prepare for ransomware attacks? Request the 100% Data Guarantee e-book here.

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No one is safe for cybercrime anymore. But what if your data is literally out of reach for hackers?
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