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100% Data Guarantee e-book

The more we rely on digitalisation the more vulnerable we are for cyberattacks. Especially since more people work from home. With more equipment linked to the internet and the rise of shadow IT criminals have more chances to get access to data.

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Read how you can ensure:

  • 100% data guarantee
  • 100% peace of mind about ransomware
  • The availability of all your data, always safe with us for your quick recovery
  • Avoiding high ransom and recovery costs as well as loss of revenue and reputation

Data and system vulnerabilities are more often exploited

Cybercriminals intensify the amount of their attacks and refine their methods every day. The Dutch National Cyber Security Centre constantly updates a online timeline. Headlines give you an insight in the latest trends. Apparently although your own security may be top notch you still may faces the consequences when a breach occurs at one of your partners.

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